Windy City Live • January 2016
How do you keep your skin clear and nourished during these harsh Chicago winters? Channing’s Studio and Spa owner Cheryl Renella is here with some easy and inexpensive DIY skin care tips.

DIY Skin Care Tip #1: For Brows
Use Castor Oil as a natural way to support hair growth. This tip is for anyone who is looking to grow out your eyebrows. You simply dap the oil onto the skin once daily and you should see growth within the month.

DIY Skin Care Tip #2: Exfoliating Recipe
1/4 cup sugar
1/8 cup olive oil
1 drop of tea tree essential oil

Mix together, wet skin and apply in circular motions.
Splash with tepid water and a cold splash

DIY Skin Care Tip #3: Hydrating Recipe
Cleanse with plain yogurt first. Then apply the mask:
1 egg white
2 tablespoons milk
1 drop of chamomile essential oil
Whip together, then apply to face. Leave on for 15 minutes. Remove with warm washcloth. Cold splash

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Beauty experts share their favorite tips

Cheryl Renella, brow specialist and salon owner
Brow specialist and owner of Channing’s Studio & Spa in Chicago, Cheryl Renella, learned many beauty lessons from her Scandinavian grandmother, Grace Monk. Renella shared that her grandmother was always a wealth of old family “beauty recipes.” This would include keeping teaspoons in freezer for eyes if they were puffy from salty foods or lack of sleep. “My grandmother always had us ice our face to increase circulation or shower in cold water [because it’s] better for skin (hot or warm water breaks capillaries and dries out skin),” said, adding, “She swore by washing our face with plain yogurt for sensitive skin, acne or dry contact dermatitis.”

Woman's Day
Woman’s Day • December/January 2016
Better Brows, Now!
If yours are barely there, here’s help.
Wispy eyebrows? All those years of plucking may have taken their toll. “When you pull out hairs there is a chance of permanent follicular damage.” says David E. Bank, MD, a dermatologist in Mt. Kisco, NY. What’s more, hormonal changes slow down the hair growth cycle, adding up to sparseness.

Luckily, it’s not hard to fake a lush appearance. Try these tips from Cheryl Renella, celebrity brow stylist at Channing’s Studio & Spa in Chicago. All you’ll need is a browkit (one with wax and powder) and a brow brush or other grooming tool to help keep strands in line.

Step 1: Outline with wax. Use the wax to cover bare spots and define the shape. The wax will stick to peach fuzz and ensure that the powder clings, so you get the fullest look possible.

Step 2: Fill in the shape. Lightly press powder over the wax in the direction of your hair’s growth. Focus on the arch to create a defined space between your browbone and lid.

Step 3: Blend the color. Use a brush or cotton swab to lightly blend and provide a natural finish. This will tame unruly hairs, too.

PureWow • September 2015
How to Groom Your Eyebrows Like a Pro
Consider this your personal brow bible.
It happened late one night: With just the bathroom mirror, a wax kit and a prayer, we took grooming our unruly eyebrows into our own hands. And come morning, well…let’s just say we would’ve fit right in in 1995.

As it turns out, brow maintenance is a tricky art, and one shouldn’t attempt to tackle it DIY-style without some solid advice. So we asked Channing’s Studio & Spa owner Cheryl Renella to arm us with tips to prevent future pluck-ups.

Break Up with Wax: Renella says that tweezing is the best way to rid your brows of unwanted strands. Hot wax kills hair follicles, she explains, so hair can’t grow back in the places it’s been applied to. This may sound good now, but as you age, your face may change a bit (real talk: your skin could start to droop), and you won’t always want the exact same height in your eyebrow arch.

Stock the Right Products: Before your next plucking sesh, make some room in your makeup bag. Tea-tree oil fights inflammation, irritation and redness after you tweeze. RevitaBrow, a natural product filled with acids, peptides and biotin, helps threadbare brows grow in faster. And clear mascara works wonders as a finishing touch to keep hairs in place.

Use Pomade as a Filler: Speaking of products, Renella likes darkening brows with pomade instead of pencils. “Pomade is superior because it sticks to the peach fuzz of your brows and doesn’t give a ‘drawn on’ look,” she says. The pomade should be applied with an angled brush; then take a spoolie to your brows and do some spiffing up.

Master the Color Match: For dark-haired clients, Renella recommends choosing a color one to two shades lighter than their natural tresses. Gray- or ash-haired ladies should use taupe products.

Get on a Schedule: Renella recommends shaping brows every four to six weeks–depending, of course, on how quickly hair grows in.

Channing’s Studio & Spa, 67 E. Oak St.; 312-280-1994 or Brow services, $45 to $100.

mimi • August 2015
A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Out Your Brows
Pretty on fleek..To avoid damage to the hair follicle, opt for tweezing, says Cheryl Renella, brow guru and founder of Channing’s Studio & Spa in Chicago. Tweezing lets you be more precise and doesn’t have as lasting effects should you find your brow a bit thinner than desired.

Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to a bad brow job. In fact, the best asset you might have is time. Although there’s no hard-and-fast rule to how long it takes for brow hairs to grow back (everyone is different), Renella explains it can take six to eight weeks to see growth, depending on your age and severity of the situation. But some products on the market can help speed up the process. “I always recommend RevitaBrow to my clients,” she says. “This natural product has amino acids, peptides and biotin that encourages the follicle to produce hair. Using the eyebrow conditioner daily results in faster growing eyebrows.”

Another popular process for filling in brows comes via a color wand. Renella suggests applying a pomade with an angled brush — using long smooth strokes to mimic the direction and length of the brows — then finishing with a swish of a color wand.

“These wands can be used alone for a subtle look or combined with the pomade to add dimension to your brows,” she explains. Finally, she suggests finishing off brows with a clear mascara as it’s a perfect solution for adding definition and attitude to your brows without adding color.

“If your brow color is cooler or more ash based, you want something with more of a taupe or grey undertone,” says Bartley. “While if you are more strawberry blonde or red, you need a warmer color to ensure a seamless fill in.” Dark-haired individuals should also abide by the one-to-two shades darker rules, adds Renella.

If you’re really concerned with finding the right brow color, a brow expert will be able to tint your brow to the correct shade and guide you into choosing the proper color tool to use.

The next thing to know about growing out your brows is shape matters. Having full brows means nothing if they’re not the right shape for you. Brows should enhance and complement your features, explains Renella. She explains those with long face shapes should choose wide square brows that will soften and widen the face; those with round face shapes should go with a high arch that helps elongate and soften the face; those with a square face can sport a dramatic brow that complements their features; heart-shaped faces should keep their brows no more than one inch apart to lengthen the face; and finally, those with diamond face shapes should keep brows rounded at the front and tapered at the end.

Splash • July 2015
Blink by Channing’s mobile spa: An Oak Street fixture for 35 years, Channing’s Studio & Spa (67 E. Oak) is known for its superior facials, hair styling, manicures, brow-shaping and more. Now the celeb-approved hot spot is going mobile with a glam movie-star makeup trailer complete with all of the studio’s signature treatments. Schedule an appointment by calling (708) 317-9099 or check the online calendar for the trailer’s next location.

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